By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Mayor brings 'resources' home from Switzerland

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Can't wait to be enlightened.


The cost of a consistently absent Mayor who is disengaged with local citizens isn’t free.

Let’s be careful of the story we tell ourselves.


I think it's terrific that we have a mayor with the energy and curiosity to increase their knowledge about how other cities address the complex problems that need to be managed. Doctors and other professionals are required to advance their knowledge, so having a mayor who is looking into the best ways cities tackle their problems makes good sense. Since she is a volunteer mayor anyway, and this program is no cost to taxpayers, this strikes me as a wise investment. My gratitude to the mayor.


Drabkin is more concerned about her "Cambridge Education" than dealing with the problems we have here in McMinnville! New leadership that will focus on McMinnville is greatly needed!

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