By Asia Alvarez Zeller • Of the News-Register • 

Manufacturers struggle to find employees

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There is no excuse for an able-bodied individual not to be working in Mac.


As long as we can define not “able bodied.” A person with a physical disability would probably qualify. What about a person who is mentally ill? There are hateful people who claim mental illness is not a real illness—that these people could just pull themselves up by the bootstraps. These hateful people are the true scourges on society. They are the ones I wish would move out of town.


If their mental illness is Meth (drug) related then the County should provide quality in house drug treatment centers vs handing them taxpayer paid for needles to keep their addiction going.

Lots of jobs available and lots of able-bodied young folk continue to stream out of the area churches after their "free meals" walking right past job opportunities

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