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Local races generate big spending

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Yamhill First needs to learn that our votes cannot be bought, as all we desire is good leadership that we can trust, and that does not include any of the horses in their stable.


This trend is greatly disturbing, especially for part-time and volunteer positions. It effectively marginalizes grassroots candidates and campaigns, and virtually nullifies efforts to encourage the kind of diversity everybody pays lip service to.

Amity fan

Hibb - As much as I'd like to agree with you, I think the Berschauer win was just that. Lots of money, huge signs, ugly campaign rhetoric, flat out false statements, and Yamhill County handed her a victory. With it, we will now have a Board of one - Starrett. It appears that votes can be bought, and that's sad. I wish it was true but as Rush Limbaugh says, "low information voters" tend to be swayed by big money. As Sponge says, the trend is greatly disturbing. One has to ask themselves why Starrett and her minions are so intensely interested in controlling the BOC, Treasurer, and the Mac Mayor/City Council.


My biggest concern with Yamhill First is that they are pushing not just one or two individuals, but an entire slate of ultra-conservative city and county candidates. Come January 1 their chosen candidates will form the majority of the county commission regardless of the outcome of the current election. Do we really want to hand them control of the City as well?

With respect to the firefighter's union, one can't help but notice that they have uniformly backed the Yamhill First candidates. It begs the question- were there any behind-the-scenes-handshakes here?

I do think our firefighters are underfunded. However, money does not appear from nowhere, and I still have not heard any of the Yamhill First candidates explain where an increase in emergency service funding will come from. Also, it's interesting to notice how active the firefighter's union has been this election cycle compared to their decision to remain 'apolitical' regarding Measure 36-202, which repealed a city ordinance that was intended to increase funding for emergency services.


Amity fan: Is Rush Limbaugh still on the air or for that matter relevant? I thought he drifted into the back of the cave when Obama took office and frankly, most of us did not miss him.....


GrizzlyMountain: Here! Here! But can it be that our little corner of Oregon is now become the target of the uber rich to play politics and put forth candidates "they" deem essential and we in turn have to use a smudge of ink on our mail-in ballot to say "Not so fast buddy...." At least there is a process, but I am not so sure that it is a "due process?"

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