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Keeping McMinnville's water clean

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Thanks for this interesting and timely article. However, I cannot believe that McGuire Reservior holds 1400 times as much water as Haskins Lake. 3.5 billion gallons capacity, or 14 times the capacity of Haskins Lake, would be much more realistic.

Brad M

Great article! I worked with Jim Daggett back in 98 when we were working for the City of Yamhill right as I started out in this field of work. Great guy! Glad to see him doing well. Then took over Buxtons position when he left Carlton in 2000. Working in water treatment is a good job that pays well but unfortunately not many people think of it when thinking of a career to get into. With many baby boomers retiring it’s hard for cities to find operators to fill vacant positions. My work was recently looking for an operator and only found about 2 qualified out of about 30 applications. Anyway, great article!!

Joe M.

Nicole Montesano

Culbert, you are correct; McGuire holds 3.25 billion gallons. Now fixed in the story above; thank you for notifying us of the error. Thank you both for the kind words.

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