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Free shop asks people to 'Pay It Forward'

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Church on the Hill is weird about LGBTQ issues. When I moved to McMinnville, the church was highly recommended to me. I called for education for my son. It all went fine until I told them that I was excited to bring my son and the rest of my family to come visit. Why? I have 2 adopted children with my wife. Big pass on them and their work.


To refine my point more: They nicely turned me away because of my LGBTQ family.


Coco: From what I understand, Church on the Hill is DIFFERENT than Hope on the Hill


myopinion: They are under the same umbrella. If you look on Hope on the Hill website, you will see that they are connected. "Church On The Hill contracts with Hope On The Hill to initiate a temporary Financial Support Program for church members."


Thanks for the clarification Coco. Either way, I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

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