By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Dayton mayor files for Kulla’s seat

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"Progressive?" Next.


Rotwang - 'progressive' in this context is referring to increasing leadership, not political leaning, as in "I've held progressively responsible" positions throughout my work history.


Rot, you won’t vote for her? Too bad. Oh wait, you live in another state, right? I want to subscribe to your local paper. Can you let us know what it is so I can make pointless comments from a non resident.


And I can I play a little game and see if I’m right about you? Male, over 50, middle to upper middle class, you want limited government (follow libertarian ideals), you probably don’t like trump but thought he was the lesser of two evils. How did I do?

Joel R

Hey Scotty, you described me!! (except for the voting for Trump part...I left that part of my ballot blank, but my wife voted for him).

Joel R

Now Scotty let me try to describe you. Male, over 50, masters degree or higher, work in a university or government job, salt and pepper gray hair, pony tail, skinny, vegan, occasional pot user, frequent wine sipper, driver of an older subaru outback with a faded "I'm with her" bumper sticker. how did I do?


Joel, only one right. I do like wine.

Joel R

Bummer. one out of eleven...that's nine percent. Not good.


(Too bad this conversation got sidetracked.) Welcome to the race Beth!

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