By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

County employees rally for COVID-19 protections

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Don Dix

From the article -- "If the county works with the union, I think we can get there, but if there’s this resistance, we’ll continue to lose wonderful employees that will go to other places due to the county not being flexible and working with us,” Armstrong said.

So, at this point, how many 'wonderful employees' have gone elsewhere? Or is this statement a baseless claim designed to garner public support for union demands?


DON DIX: The prospect of reaching an agreement is questionable. The County and its employees are in danger of upsetting the apple cart. This is such a silly thing to get in a huff about. I think that all of us want to be protected, but at whose expense? To me it seems I'd rather apparent that it is the individuals responsibility. It isn't that hard to go out and get a face mask and some purell. To make demands of the county to provide this and to provide that kind of makes me think that some of those people that work for our county have too much time on their hands. If they have time to protest, they have time to work. We need to put the silliness aside and get back to the business at hand. Now if you are dissatisfied with how the county is treating you or treating this situation, there is one viable solution to all of us and that is that you pack your bags and go somewhere else.
There are no talented people in county government just like there is no talented people in the state government. Neither hire talented people, but they hire people to do a job and out of that comes their talents. These so-called talented people need to show their talents by doing their work and not marching up and down the sidewalk protesting. Haven't we had enough protesting? This insanity has got to stop and this cry of poor me is ridiculous.

Don Dix

Hibb -- Is it just my perception, or is the HHS sector of the county the place where most complaints (against county procedures and pay schedules) originate? And usually the cry is higher pay/shorter hours -- but now the argument is they 'deserve it'!


.the real tip off to the goal of of the union is higher pay.....not sure how more Money makes anyone safer.......


Good catch Me. Dix.

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