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Conference champs

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Congrats to the team!

I know this is off topic, but could we please get a news story on the Linfield womens volleyball team? The NR ran a series of article on the uproar within the program regarding the coach last year and then nothing. The Linfield student paper/site has nothing new either. He's still there and some of the players who quit have come back. Why the lack of coverage?


Great job lady’s !



Only one player, who signed the Title IX complaint, has returned to the team.

The Linfield administration stood behind Coach Davis throughout the situation last year. It's doubtful they've changed their minds since then.

Davis added many freshmen recruits, but the roster is quite young. The team has struggled to a 5-19 overall record in 2019.

We haven't heard any additional complaints this year. Davis cited a medical issue last season, and it could be that issue was resolved leading to a smoother campaign this year.

The N-R also hasn't learned any updates on possible lawsuits against the college. It's quite possible the cases were dropped.

Thanks for the comment.



Thanks Logan - that's exactly the update I was looking for.



Happy to help, my friend.

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