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Commissioners to revisit expansion ordinance

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Let’s just keep making government bigger. Federal, state and local regulatory type commission’s need to be reduced not increased. You can’t turn around now without a new tax or regulation being being thrown at the American people. Smaller is better. Casey Kulla will spend this County into the poor house and bring his environmentalist buddy’s in and you won’t be able to farm or log any more and we’ll all be driving electric cars.


Five commissioners will give the policy board more connection to the County business and the County residents. Sending it out to 2024 is unfortunate.


We aren’t an agricultural county any more , we just jumped the shark and became Washington County. The only kind of ag in the future will be the cutesy non industrial type and wineries. And the Democrats are already purposely setting up situations for people to be exposed to traditional ag, be offended and shut it down (IE the trail.)


Funny how grass seed snobs dismiss the farmers who grow grapes as not being real ag.


Mike you better take a look around the county. It’s not the grass seed snobs as you call them that run this county it’s the Grape Rangers from California. They dictate everything that goes on In this county because they have even convinced some of the locals we will all die without tourism. It’s caused 90% of the problems in the county mainly clogged roads and a shortage of housing. You can’t pay people $12.00 an hour and expect them to buy a $350,000 house. If you’re again paying attention you get to wait two or three times at most stop lights in town and again you can thank the Grape Rangers. Early on the grape people were good and now they want to dictate policy. I’ll take a grass seed farmer any day of the week.


Mike and Jim - And you wonder why we need so many illegals processing grapes to turn into intoxicants that the self righteous California liberals can sit on the fancy 3rd street and drink. They sure wouldn’t want to have their kids doing any hard work! It will be a sad day for them when the spotted lantern fly comes to Oregon and California.

Lindsay Berschauer

This is a reckless proposal that will cost taxpayers a bundle and decrease the transparency of the Board. Kulla is modeling this off of Clackamas County's board expansion. That cost them 48% more upon implementation and 133% more over the past ten years. No thanks. We have bigger priorities in this county.


Lindsay I think they have something cooking with City of Newberg and City of McMinnville wanting to get us annexed into the Metro agency. See they’re already trying to come up with ways to deal with trash mountain and want better transit. So boom, get more county level commissioners to go along with the plan and go day metro annex us !

Chris Chenoweth

I keep asking myself, who in their right mind would want more politicians? I mean that tongue in cheek, sort of. Does their exist an example where having more politicians ever improved the lives of the residents in a community? I can't find an example. The only ones that benefit are the politicians, the lobbyist, the consultants and the activists. The community loses.

A New Generation

Wait? Didn't you just run for a (and lost) seat on the City Council? Tongue in cheek or no, that doesn't make sense.

"Chris Chenoweth
I keep asking myself, who in their right mind would want more politicians?"

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