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Commissioners hear from tourism group

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David S. Wall

The "Regional Solutions program and Economic Disbursements" are funded from Oregon's Video Lottery. (Why did the Oregon's schools not receive this money?)

The "Regional Solutions" is located in the Governor's Office:

Regional Solutions:

Regional Solutions [Mid Valley Region: Marion, Polk, Yamhill Counties]: Advisory Committee:
Check out: [Page: 4]-Look for Commissioner Primozich (update is needed) and the SEDCOR representative.

SEDCOR can be seen here:


And now the "give-away" can be seen here:

Yamhill County's participation procedures and awards are here:

and here: [Page (2) Item D(10)]

Once you have the "background information" you will be able to make an informed decision on the News Register's story on the Yamhill County Tourism Partnership as presented in my next post.

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

POST #2 "Tourism"

You've got to listen to the audio portion of Tuesday's Informal BOC meeting to fully appreciate a well-coordinated putsch by; Visit McMinnville, Chehalem Valley Innovation Accelerator, Stoller Vineyards, a Member of the City of Amity's "Tourism Committee" who repeatedly commented on her "volunteer status" in this process but, ran out of time and did not admit to being a co-owner of "Amity Flats: a High-end Bed/Breakfast." There were others present to consolidate Yamhill County's Tourism Marketing into one cohesive unit. All of whom have "volunteered" their efforts to develop "by-laws (with meeting minutes) and an outline of their program." Commissioner Olson praised the group for their volunteer efforts.

If you would like to "hear" the proceedings go to here:

As reported in the News Register:

" The Yamhill Tourism Partnership, a coalition of other organizations, has formed a volunteer committee. On Tuesday, Jeff Knapp, executive director of Visit McMinnville, told commissioners there is no “funded representation” of Yamhill County tourism, and that the county is missing out.
The group now has a website and a newsletter, and obtained a county grant for marketing. It also has been working with the Willamette Valley Visitors Association to bring more focus to county tourism destinations, members said."

The program presented to the BOC focuses on "Destination Development" as the new focus replacing "Destination Management" as an "umbrella term" concerning advancing and maintaining "Tourism" related businesses and services (to attract tourists to Yamhill County and to fleece them of their money).


David S. Wall

David S. Wall


The "Destination Development program" as presented, was "choppy and disjointed" using aged statistics which perked up my ears but, not the BOCs.

There was no mention of the looming [SB 595] which if passed could cut approximately 50% of Transient Lodging Taxes from Tourism Marketing groups like "Visit McMinnville, Visit Newberg and so on and so forth throughout Yamhill County jurisdictions as the pre-text for the formation of "The Yamhill Tourism Partnership." The program presenters often state that all they wanted out of the BOC was to form an "Advisory Committee."

But, the "writing is on the wall" and this group, although a "volunteer group" has their "collective foot in the Regional Solutions Economic Development Grant door.

After all, this group successfully were granted $10,000 dollars to be used for "Digital Asset Creations (photography, writings, data base creation, etc.)." So, what's next?

Well, Commissioner Olson wants to form a "working group sometime next year." I suspect...suspect mind you, " The Yamhill Tourism Partnership" will be "'circling the wagons" to make certain their intentions are well presented and deserve official consideration(s) the next time they are at bat.


David S. Wall

David S. Wall


The "Academy Award" of the "Dawg and Pony Show," in my opinion, should be presented to Ms. Barbara Bond.

Ms. Bond (who repeatedly and truthfully) accentuated her "volunteer status" is a Member of the City of Amity Tourism Committee as seen here:

But, you must check-out and "thoroughly read" the "Strategic Plan." It is a ten(10) page Microsoft Word document-read it thoroughly and you will see what is listed below and the depth of the relationship with below... go to

click on this, scroll down and who do you see:

"Tourism/Lodging" Amity Flats, Amity OR: Marketing Strategy" on this:

Lo and behold, Ms. Barbara Bond is the co-owner of "Amity Flats"a beautiful, high-end Bed/Breakfast in Amity.

Is this the "home base" for the "Yamhill Tourism Partnership's "Volunteer Central?"

Nothing like "Volunteering" to make sure your business bottom line gets a boost by the Yamhill County BOC.

Personally, the aforementioned drama can be easily summed up in a few lines by a Great American, Waylon Jennings:

"Lord it's the same old tune, fiddle and guitar
Where do we take it from here?
Rhinestone suits and new shiny cars
It's been the same way for years
We need a change..."

David S. Wall

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