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Commissioners hear a YCAP perspective on car camping program

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So basically a freebie handout.

David S. Wall

The "Dawg and Pony Show" presented to the Yamhill County Commissioners by a "Program Director" of YCAP is as disingenuous as a "Non-profit" could make it. But, the process is more sinister than it appears.

Commissioner Starrett is a "YCAP Board Member" which should not be permitted, period.

The "Dawg and Pony Show" is yet another attempt at "social engineering" to "acclimate" the public into accepting the "wrap-around-services" and funding requirements routinely proposed of the metastasizing "Homeless Industrial Complex."

As a "Board Member of YCAP," Commissioner Starrett should already be "well-versed" in YCAP's unrelenting search for funding of "homeless related services."

YCAP's tentacles also reach into Yamhill County's "Budget process." That's right, a YCAP Board Member is a "Voting member" of "Yamhill County's Budget Committee who recently recommended using taxpayer's "surplus monies" to support the "needle exchange program."

Personally, YCAP "deserves what it gets" from the drug-addicts and social miscreants they invite upon their property.

I support "cutting-off" all support to YCAP which includes funding for "wrap-around-services."

David S. Wall


YCAP has done nothing except beg ever since they hit town in the '80s. Yet another giant bureaucracy stalling and bloviating. Check out the salaries at the upper levels. It certainly pays being in the poverty biz.


I beg you! End the hatred! We are all created by God! Do you folks have even one ounce of compassion coursing through your arteries and veins.


I can't afford any more compassion.



There is lots of compassion, resources, and respect for those who need temporary assistance due to unforeseen circumstances.

What I feel the community is tired of, is the constant criminal activity that the vagrants choose to engage in. Constant fights, drug activity, law enforcement contact, etc.
These folks choose this, and there is no amount of resources will change their behavior. They refuse to do anything to help themselves, demanding we do everything for them.

We are sick of it.

Pay attention.



We are full of compassion for those who deserve it but way too smart to enable drug addicts to live on our streets at our expense - creating an unsafe environment for the tax paying citizens

Close YCAP, offer drug treatment and/or one way ticket home,

The Commissioners "voted" at a budget meeting per Mary Starrett in writing for a needle exchange. A month later they heard the details of the program including "it isn't realistic to get all the needles back". the same day they accepted an ambulance to deliver needles to drug addicts - nice! Ice cream truck wasn't available 😁 The next week (last Tuesday) they paid to put an ad in the news register a day late for the meeting and a day early from the deadline ... but no worries fellow tax payers... they want your opinion in July as they attempt to get away with doing this - no date yet (at least one we can know about)

Contact your commissioners and let them know your watching and won't stand for this "anymore"

Shame on you Yamhill County Commissioners


Our Water & Light sewer bill, for those of you who have forgotten, was jacked up unilaterally to address this hopeless homeless demographic. I call that forced compassion, and I can't afford any more.


To Oregon Born: when you talk about all the crime, you seem to imply that the homeless are the only ones to commit crimes. And, by the way, I do pay attention. I am involved at several levels trying to find a compassionate solutions. You say that you are sick of the problems. I am tired of all the whining and complaining from people. The solution is to get involved to find solutions.

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