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Commissioners approve Yamhelas trail planning grant

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Willamina Willy

So Mary Starrett opposes everything to do with the trail, citing at least on a few occasions that there isn't a developed plan. Provisions are made to obtain a grant to fund 90% of the cost of developing what sounds like a very detailed plan - and now she opposes that as well. Never will to consider a view that isn't her own. At least some of the farmers are now willing to discuss and participate in plan development. Starrett needs to learn what leadership is.

Willamina Willy

However she loves the dump which is way more toxic to area farming and livability than any trail would ever be.


Willy, we need someplace to put our garbage - that is not debatable. In 2020, a recreational trail is a nice thing to have, but still a luxury, especially for those of us who do not own a cooking vessel in which to urinate, and will never use it.


sounds like the county’s part is being donated
so no skin of your back