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Berschauer, Starrett supporters gather; critics cancel protest

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I'd have been there to help support Lindsay if I would have known. Please keep fighting for us, Lindsay and Mary

Spartan 3

Oh wow, this photo shows 11 people including Berschauer. Her and Starrett need to keep in mind that there's about 107,000 citizens in Yamhill County. There supposed to represent all of them, not just their campaign contributing cronies. IMO evil abounds at Yamhill County and has for years. I remember Leslie Lewis going to the owner of Baker Rock and begging for a campaign contribution just days before voting on a land use decision that Baker was a party to. Of course she voted in their favor. Berschauer thinks its OK to take out county employees. I recall Huffer recently making false accusations about county employees, now he's on the receiving end of it. The place is a mess with no appearance of it improving any time soon.


In Yamhill county Agriculture is a huge component of the county economy.
Lindsay and Mary stand up for this. Small business is suffering because
of Kate Brown and her illegal use of her power. At least we have to excellent county commissioners who stand up for the hard working people
who make this county a great place to live.