By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Amity approves public safety fee

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Mac Native 66

The county can't do a better job in law enforcement for the city. This is NOT the 19th century where the sheriff department needs to cover all the cites in the county.


A fee taken by the government is a tax. At least have the integrity to call things by their proper names.

And, taxation is theft.


@ Mac Native 66 you're right this isn't the 19th century, its the 21st century where it costs a lot of tax payer dollars to run a public safety agency safe and efficiently. Wouldn't it be best to use the those dollars to contract with a Sheriff's Office when that agency has the resources to provide better services over all for a contracted rate? There are a lot of costs people don't think about such as records keeping, evidence keeping, equipment purchases and maintenance, personnel costs to hire and continually train to maintain proficiency. I remember seeing a photo posted on social media a few weeks back where several deputy's cars were at a call in Lafayette to help a women in crisis. Lafayette contracts with the Sheriff's Office and appeared to have a better response then what PD with 2 full time employees could provide.

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