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Alpine Avenue improvements get good reviews (for the most part)

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The decorations on the street look like something out of Mad Max and the money could have been spent on paving pot holes or repaving many of the streets in ill repair in this City. This whole project fits a small group of people in this city instead of the whole town.


Just wait until all the hobos find it. There will be tents.


I’ve lived in town for 30 years and never been down Alpine, that “dirt road by the railroad tracks”. Finally went to take a closer look last week. Looks nice. And the cost seems moderate considering how far down they were able to improve the street. If this helps open up a part of town close to the center but pretty invisible up to now, I’m all for it.

Mac Native 66

As my late dad would of said, LOOK AT THAT WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY.
First and Second streets need more attention then Alpine Ave. But you can thank Remy for that. Clay St. needs to be paved along with a small portion of Washington St. as well. There are probably other streets as well that need to be repaved. Also we sorely need that by-pass up Norton Ln. from hwy 18 to hwy 99W/47 built as well. But the different government agencies will just drag their feet, to get it done, just like they did for the Dundee/Newberg by-pass.


There will always be disagreement as to where and how tax dollars are spent. The street quality is surprisingly poor right around the brand new improvements that were made on second street. They repaved near the intersection but not the entire area that was under construction. The utility trench on west second is one example that was overlooked.
Regarding the Alpine district improvements...I think it makes a lot of economic sense in the long run. Not sure it's ready yet, but moving the Turkey Rama festival to that area and maybe the farmers market would seem a natural fit, and solve some of the issues the downtown merchants have complained about...


So I’ve managed to delude myself into thinking the taxpayers want to dump four million dollars into a dirt road with scenic views of dilapidated buildings and a manufacturing plant...what to do first.. I think first money spent will be to get rid of these ugly poles, and tangled unsightly power lines - move the electrical circuits underground! Or no....


I believe the atmosphere they're trying to create is called Industrial Chic. Some people love it.


It is a shame in what ramshackle condition lot's of our streets are. And I am not talking of the numerous pot wholes.


oops,....potholes of course

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