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Activists gather for local version of Fire Drill Friday

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The United States of America is the greatest country on earth. It's wonderful to see these proud American citizens stand on the side of the road exercising their God given, constitutional right to peacefully assemble and express their personal heart felt views. It stands in such stark contrast to the good people of Iran who are trying to protest and are being gunned down in the streets by a brutal, evil government regime. God bless America!!


This country also did its fair share of gunning down protesters.


True, Lulu. The Difference? In America the police gun down violent protesters who are trying to assault/kill other people. Iran? You get gunned down for expressing an opinion.


Joel, I guess you weren't born yet in 1970 when the Ohio National Guard killed students at Kent State, some of whom were just walking to class.

Don Dix

John Pitney states -- “Depending on who you talk to, we have 10, 11 years to make a change.” “I can deal with ignorance,” he said. “It’s harder to deal with willful obstruction and the promotion of misinformation.”

So Mr. Pitney, can you (or anyone, for that matter) actually prove the limit of 10-11 years is accurate information? Based on the fact no one can accurately predict simple weather 1-2 weeks out, it appears your sources of information are preying on the ignorant to spread the anxiety.

Bill B

Still trying to understand why this is newsworthy.

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