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Burn ban takes effect due to high fire danger

Fire officials also are warning residents to be extra careful with fire over the Fourth of July holiday, especially when it comes to fireworks.

Oregon limits fireworks to those that stay on the ground. Any firework that flies into the air or explodes is prohibited. Sparklers, ground spinners, fountains, smoking columns and charcoal snakes are among items that are allowed.

The Oregon State Fire Marshal’s office suggests that everyone should have a bucket of water or a hose ready if they are shooting off fireworks. They should extinguish used fireworks and duds in water before disposing of them.

Local officials also ask that families clean up fireworks debris if they are lighting fireworks on the street.

Keep pets indoors on the evening of the Fourth, and walk dogs early to avoid being outside while people are shooting off fireworks. Talk to your vet about strategies for keeping pets calm when they hear fireworks. Be sure pets have ID tags in case they escape.

The burning ban will continue well past the Fourth of July holiday, stretching into the fall and lasting until the fire danger is reduced.

The McMinnville Fire District announced the ban Monday following recommendations of the Yamhill County Fire Defense Board.

The ban does not prohibit small outdoor cooking or recreational fires, including fire pits and campfires with a maximum fuel area of three feet in diameter and two feet in height. Grills, smokers and other cooking appliances also are permitted.

There may be more restrictive fire safety rules on or within an eighth of a mile of Oregon Department of Forestry protected land, which exists throughout much of rural Yamhill County, according to the MFD.

“ODF restrictions may include prohibitions on campfires, smoking, target shooting, powered equipment, motorized vehicles, and other public/private landowner and industrial fire restrictions.”

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