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Explosion rocks McMinnville neighborhood

What the McMinnville Police have determined to be an IED (improvised explosive device) damaged a residence and two vehicles about 2:45 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 5.

No one was injured.

Officers responded to the area of Northeast 11th and Evans streets on the report of an explosion.

The caller, who resides near that intersection, originally believed something exploded under her car, but it was determined “someone had thrown or placed” an IED, containing shrapnel, between the sidewalk and the side of the caller’s residence, according to Police Capt. Scott Fessler.

There was a small crater in a flowerbed off the edge of the sidewalk, towards the side of the caller’s house.

The explosion was powerful enough to blow out the passenger side windows of a vehicle parked on 11th Street and three windows of the caller’s residence facing 11th. The siding on the caller’s residence was damaged, as well as a second vehicle parked along 11th. It appeared to have been hit by shrapnel.

Any residents who have relevant information about this incident are asked to contact Detective Josh Eckroth (503-435-5611 desk, 503-437-1931 cell,; or you can leave an anonymous message at the MacPD TipLine at 503-434-2337.  Please reference case #23-3505.

If you reside within the boundaries of Northeast Fifth Street to 19th Street and Northeast Baker Street to Galloway Street, and you have video surveillance cameras that capture the roadway in front of your house, contact the police department if you have not already been contacted.  With consent, the department would appreciate the opportunity to review  video footage that was captured around the time of this incident.



Violence and acts of terrorism is not acceptable, period. There is a lot more to this I believe than just some random act. I think it's possibly targeted for their way of life, sadly. It seems hate and violence both have become more acceptable, neither are.



And what exactly is their way of life?


"And what exactly is their way of life?"

That doesn't really matter. What matters is the right to have it. Life, Liberty and Property has long as it doesn't impede other's rights.

Most people would agree and disagree on almost everyone. Using Terrorism is a way of making others fear in order so they can't live their life.

There are a lot of people like that. It doesn't impact me, but I'm going to use my beliefs to oppress others, even through violence.

I listened to Michael Flynn talk about a one religion nation, I listened to a radical group seeking U.S. citizenship of "White only", I have seen a push of States Convention to re-write our constitution taking away bill of rights and moving them towards their own interpretation of the bible to become law. Heritage Foundations new 2025 memo seeks out what appears power of President of authoritarian an "Nobility" prohibited in Article I currently.

I know that Mussolini came to power at around 19%. Hitler at 34% even down from his once 37%. How? Violence and enablers that did nothing, and minimizing. I won't do that here, it's very serious.

Take Care..



Troy, Receipts? I would like to see the transcript of Gen. Flynn saying he wants a one-religion nation. All of the nonsensical lies you have been led to believe and stated below are far more dangerous than if those lies had actually been true.


Bigfoot- Flynn’s comments on the “ReAwaken America” tour were widely reported in mid November of 2021. Google is your friend.



Youtube his talks if they are available there. I listened to his live speeches when he said them.


Let me help Bigfoot. With "receipts" I always have receipts, you just need to asked.

So, forget that this is Pakman.,. But it's the same event. I saw it on Right Wing Broadcasting.

Next is something more interesting just for you to review..

If you really want to find out the extent of Christian Nationalism and extremism, I might suggest "The power worshippers" by Katherine Stewart or even American Psychosis by David Corn which outlines some of it.

Always be careful of the means to an end and the monsters it creates, it rarely works out.



This isn't their first time chucking bombs around town. This person is a domestic terrorist and should be punished as such. Also, how many pipe bombs does this make in McMinnville in the past several years?

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