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McMinnville man receives citation for menacing


The Oregon State Police cited a McMinnville man for menacing related to a handgun incident on Highway 99W just north of the McDougall Road corner/Dayton scales the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 1.

He was identified as Wesley J. Kouns, 66.

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office first responded to the call, according to Capt. Sam Elliott.

“One motorist reported that another motorist pointed a handgun at them during a road rage incident,” he said. “YCSO stopped the reported suspect (at the Highway 99W location) and the incident was turned over to Oregon State Police.”

The victim, a Newberg resident, reported Kouns passed him on the right, and while doing so pointed a “silverish” handgun at him, according to trooper Justin Zemlicka. Kouns said he pointed a “finger gun” at the complainant, but admitted he had a handgun in his vehicle.

A search did locate a handgun similar to the one the victim described. Kouns was cited and not taken into custody.




Why not taken into custody? The victim identified the gun which Kouns had in the car. Kouns's account of him brandishing a finger gun doesn't hold water, as the victim clearly identified the gun which police found. Kouns is an obvious hot wreck waiting to happen and apparently only one step away from pulling the trigger in his "finger gun"! Better to deal with it/him now, than to wait and have to call for an ambulance....


Perfect example of why you (the government) will never take my 2nd amendment rights. There is no clear intention to enforce the current laws and the powers that be will only let things escalate until someone is shot and then cry about gun control. If this does not qualify for an arrest and confiscation of the weapon until the situation is decided by the legal system, innocent until proven guilty, then I don’t know what does. If you are dumb enough to flash your hand gun out the window, you are dumb enough to pull the trigger.

Gun grabbers and anti 2nd amendment crowd - pound sand. As written above the police have better things to do.


Stop being mean....and start being kind to one another.

Joel R

Hibb, I think the reason he wasn't taken into custody is due to a new woke idea that has taken root in Oregon and other similar liberal states. They feel it's mean to arrest people. Now you point a gun at someone on the highway and you just get a traffic ticket. Much more gentle way to treat criminals. And when you think about it...crime is at such an all time low in Oregon it only makes sense to stop enforcing it for trivial things like this.

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