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New book discussion group looks at empathy

Gail Quenneville, a licensed clinical social worker, leads the group, which meets monthly at the McMinnville Public Library. She said people don’t have to read the books or see the movies before joining the group, although reading or viewing will enrich the discussion.

The group meets on the last Tuesday of each month in the library’s Carnegie Room. Programs usually start at 6 p.m., although the one Tuesday, July 25, will begin at 6:30 instead.

The July discussion will focus on George Takei’s graphic novel, “They Called Us Enemy.” It focuses on his childhood, when his family was sent to an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II, and that experience’s effect on his later life. Takei became well-known as an actor playing Mr. Sulu on “Star Trek.”

The Aug. 22 discussion will focus on the film, “The Uncomfortable Truth,” about a man who discovered his ancestors were slave owners.

Copies of “The Uncomfortable Truth,” “They Called Us Enemy,” and other books and movies chosen for the discussion group are available from the library and through its film streaming service.

For more information, call the library, at 503-435-5562.


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