By News-Register staff • 

McMinnville streets getting slurry seal

McMinnville streets are getting a coating of aggregate and oil, called slurry seal, to improve driving conditions for years to come.

The seal will be applied over the next week in several neighborhoods, including streets east and west of Baker Street between downtown and 14th Street, and east of Hill Road and north of Wallace. Streets in a small area of south McMinnville behind Linfield also are getting treatment.

The slurry is designed to fill holes and cracks in pavement and make road surfaces less vulnerable to potholes and other defects.

The city notified residents of the affected areas.

For more information, call the city’s operations division, at 503-434-7316.



Hope the city warned all the homeowners that they will have to very careful for the rest of the summer to not track this oil into their homes and cars. they will be finding lovely black sticky spots over carpet in cars and homes.