City to purchase Ultimate RB property

McMinnville City Council unanimously approved a resolution to enter into a purchase and sale agreement for the former Ultimate RB recycling property on Alpine Avenue for $4.25 million at its meeting Tuesday night. 

Read more about the proposal in Friday's News-Register.


Local Yokel

As soon as I saw they were selling, I knew the city would jump before it could hit the open market. Too bad.


Too bad why?



I’m not a big fan of the city council’s decision to keep the fire dept tax authority, but the RB decision is great for the city’s future.

Bill B

I'll be interested in seeing how the city sees this buy as a positive for the city. Seems like a private buy would be better for the development of Alpine as a destination.


1. Why does the city need it?
2. How can the city (you and me) afford this given the raised budget/taxes/fees and finance misadventures of the last few years?
3. How would keeping this property off of the tax rolls be a good idea for a city government that clearly cannot manager under current revenue streams?

Local Yokel

Because now the city controls who will own it, after they flip it. That also means the city will get to control what goes on that property in the future. I feel like we have played this game before.

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