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Adult female dies from suspected fentanyl/cocaine overdose; three others treated

Four adults, three males and one adult female, were overcome early on the morning of Friday, Feb. 10, by a suspected fentanyl/cocaine overdose, according to McMinnville Police. They were all transported to the Willamette Valley Medical Center for treatment.

The female was later pronounced dead at Willamette Valley Medical Center.

None of the victims were identified by McMinnville Police.

McMinnville Fire Department personnel were dispatched to a residence on Northwest Cedar Street shortly after 1 a.m. on a report of multiple unconscious people, according to McMinnville Police Capt. Scott Fessler. Upon arrival, medics discovered the foursome, two in the kitchen, one in the dining room and one in the garage. Two were determined to be in cardiac arrest. One of the males had a firearm on him and another firearm was found in the laundry room. Both were quickly collected.

McMinnville Fire and Police used up all the Narcan they had available and on-duty Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene to assist with the Narcan they had available.

“CPR had to be performed on two of the subjects (one male and one female) and police personnel assisted Fire personnel with CPR rotations on one of the subjects,” Fessler said. “The three males were revived on scene and were transported to the hospital. Fire personnel continued to work on the female, and she was eventually transported as well.”

The overall incident tied up all on-duty McMinnville Police and Sheriff’s Office personnel on duty at the time, as well as four ambulances and all working fire personnel.

One of the ambulances had to be driven to the hospital by a police officer because there were not enough fire personnel to tend to the patient in the back and drive the ambulance.

“Based on scene observations and initial information obtained, it appears that the subjects were ingesting fentanyl and cocaine,” Fessler said. “This is an ongoing investigation.”

Anyone with information about this incident who has not already spoken with police should call the department’s tipline at 503-434-2337.

Additionally, a Sheridan Fire District ambulance responded to the Yamhill County Jail to transport an inmate to the hospital due to a suspected overdose, and two other subjects were reportedly dropped off at the McMinnville hospital by a personal vehicle, according to Fessler.

However, it is unknown if the two additional subjects are related to the Cedar Street incident.

It appears hospital personnel were dealing with seven overdose patients at one time.

Fessler said McMinnville Police extends its thanks to all the agencies who responded to the incidents, and to the hospital staff for their work under difficult circumstances.



When your Police Officers are calling for the County Sherriff to help with a medical call and McMinnville Police Officers are operating the ambulance because Fire doesn't have the staff... you may have a staffing problem McMinnville.

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