By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Letter to readers: Gus Gus finds a home

Celebrate with me the fact that Gus Gus, a kitten I featured in a story in December (“Cuddling Kittens”, Dec. 23), has found a home.

Kiely McDaniel recently lost her beloved Leo, “the snuggliest, sweetest guy.” Then she heard about Amber Blankenship, a foster caregiver for dozens of kittens every year through Homeward Bound Pets in McMinnville and Hazel’s House in Newberg.

Gus Gus was available, although his four siblings had already been spoken for. He sounded like just the right kitten for Kiely.

She’ll be bringing him home in a few days, as soon as he’s been neutered, to meet her other cat, Lucy. I’m guessing they will be wrestling soon after he charges out of his cat carrier.

“I’ve always had cats. They’re like emotional support animals,” McDaniel said. “I feel such a connection to them.”

So do I. After writing a story about Blankenship last summer, I adopted two kittens from a group of three girls and three boys she called “The Brady Bunch.” Gregor and Petie the Greatest are six months old now, and they are still wrestling.

Blankenship is continuing to foster more kittens. After Gus Gus and his brothers and sisters depart for their new homes, she’ll still have a houseful; new litters arrive regularly, since cats are prolific breeders and so many have not yet been spayed or neutered.

As McDaniel said, kittens and cats provide emotional support, especially in times of loss. We lost our beloved Grady about the same time Gregor and Petie arrived; they’ve filled a huge hole.

I’m sure the kittens are helping Blankenship these days, too. One of her own pets, Gumby, has been missing since Christmas; she’s still looking for the gentle Russian Blue – dark gray with a white patch on his chest — in north McMinnville.

Gumby not only has been one of Blankenship’s best friends, he’s also played uncle to many litters of kittens, including Petie and Gregor.

If you see a stray gray cat, or have taken Gumby in because you didn’t realize he already had an owner, please let me know and I’ll pass on the information. I’d love to write another letter here celebrating Gumby’s return.


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