Letters to the Editor: Nov. 4, 2022

A true winner

Having known Kit Johnston for almost 20 years, I’ve gotten to see him first-hand in the trenches, rolling his sleeves up leadership-style.

He’s a bloodhound for information from the bottom to the top of an issue to inform his visionary mindset. The things he’s set out to do, what he’s accomplished and how he’s elevated others along the way is notable.

If you’re looking for a candidate who will ask the questions, seek answers and — above all else — make sure it passes the dollars and sense test, Kit is your candidate. He’s a private-sector guy who possesses great respect among his staff, a culture of winning and a résumé of adaptability to ever-changing market trends, making him a true winner.

Please join me in voting for Kit Johnston for Yamhill County commissioner.

Adam Garvin, President

McMinnville City Council

Of, by and for people

Yamhill County voters: If you haven’t voted yet, please consider the following: There is an old adage that says, “Follow the money.”

In the House District 24 legislative race, Victoria Ernst has been almost solely funded by individuals and local businesses. Her opponent has taken money from Big Pharma, the Koch Brothers and other PAC entities outside of our county and state. Is this a bid to become a future influencer?

Then consider the endorsement profile of each candidate. See page 37 in your Voters’ Pamphlet:

Victoria has the backing of Planned Parenthood, Basic Rights Oregon Equality and the Oregon League of Conservative Voters. Her opponent is backed by farm and business entities, along with Oregon Right to Life. I think this speaks, again, to the influencers for this candidate.

Victoria is the best candidate to represent the people. She is by the people, of the people and for the people.

Vote for Victoria Ernst in House District 24. Send someone to Salem who will speak for all of us.

And thank you for voting.

Amy Karshner


Gaslighting the public

We are once again being assaulted by fraudulent propaganda from gun control zealots. A prime example is a recent letter to the editor from Jim Shelton of Lafayette, who asserts semiautomatic rifles are really machine guns designed to kill people.

At the risk of being accused of gunsplaining, the very common semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and pistols that would be affected by Ballot Measure 114 — those equipped with magazines holding more than 10 rounds — fire only one round for every pull of the trigger, just like a traditional revolver.

More importantly, the AR-15’s puny .223 caliber cartridge, which the military’s earlier M-16 was also designed to fire, is primarily used for target shooting or hunting rodents and other small varmints. In contrast, most of the more familiar bolt-action rifles traditionally favored by deer and elk hunters are much larger caliber, making them two to three times as powerful as the essentionally .22 caliber AR-15.

The ubiquitous, 12 gauge shotgun is a .73 caliber weapon. It thus has about 10 times the potential wounding capacity of these alleged killing machines, and can fire a slug as well as buckshot and birdshot.

Far more important than the technical details are the crime statistics. The most recent data compiled by the FBI reveals that rifles are only used in 2.6% of homicides, and only about 1% are committed with semiautomatic military-caliber rifles such as the AR-15, even though they have become some of the most popular firearms in America.

The out-of-state political puppetmasters who wrote Ballot Measure 114 suffer from no delusions about the technical or criminological realities. After gaslighting the public about the “mostly peaceful” Antifa and BLM rioters who transformed downtown Portland into a war zone reminiscent of Beirut and Mogadishu, they are now scapegoating to distract attention from the consequences of their decision to defund, disarm, disband, and demoralize our police and further corrupt our courts.

James Crawford


Wrong direction

To the censors at the News-Register, every bit as bad as censors at Facebook, Twitter and Google:

To those who will be voting for Democrats this Nov. 8, I say, “Have you no shame?”

You defend, with righteous indignation, the evil practices of abortion and transgenderism. You support buffoons like Biden, Fetterman, Kotek and Obama who are busy destroying this country. You ignore or dismiss sound arguments to correct the direction the country is now headed.

I believe God has removed his protective hand over America and we are under God’s judgment. Things will only get worse if Democrats win this election year.

Robert Long


So much more

Regarding the story of Oct. 21: “Commissioners renew pressure on Public Health, force delay of contracts relating to vaccinations.”

It is very uplifting to see that some officials, including our County Commissioners Mary Starrett and Lindsay Berschauer, are good stewards of our health and wellbeing.

This COVID vax is not a true vax, but an experimental gene therapy. And it’s very toxic, according to anti-vax leader Dr. Robert Malone.

But we citizens were manipulated and forced by rules to comply. Those who refused were locked down, and many were relieved of their livelihoods.

So I, for one, thank the commissioners and appreciate this concern for the citizens.

The truths are not researched. There is so much more to this.

Mary Novak



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