Letters to the Editor: Aug. 26, 2022

It’s only $20,000

Things that cost $20,000:

- Repairing 100 potholes.

- Sending 40 kids to a 4-H sleepover camp.

- Contracting for nine months of work at minimum wage.

- Doubling the book budget for McMinnville’s school libraries

- Covering year-long medical insurance for a family of four.

- Buying new instruments for an entire high school marching band.

- Getting six years of maintenance covered for a mile of gravel road.

- Serving school lunches to 6,000 kids.

- Buying a year’s worth of groceries for a family of four.

- Over half the salary of a county utility worker.

- Obtaining a lifetime supply of diapers for 10 children.

- Paying the annual electric bill for 20 Yamhill County residents

- Funding Starrett and Berschauer’s doomed, unwinnable, taxpayer-funded, grandstanding defense of the county’s unconstitutional gun sanctuary ordinance.

David Sumner



Court high tech

The city of McMinnville apparently has “excess vacant land” that “must be developed.”

So the bulldoze-and-build folks want to place a shopping center along Highway 18, which will create transportation headaches, adversely affect merchants downtown and elsewhere, and add few living-wage jobs.

Instead, why not aggressively court the high tech industry? After all, chip manufacturers and related businesses are avidly seeking land with affordable power, transportation opportunities and a pool of potential workers.

Such a major business on Highway 18 would create only manageable traffic loads, provide well-paying local employment and economically benefit existing businesses.

In addition, the high tech industry would be a dignified addition to the medical and aviation presence along Highway 18, avoiding the jarring contrast of another large strip mall.

Ken Dollinger



Not deserving

Here’s another reason Betsy Johnson doesn’t deserve your vote for governor.

It has been reported Johnson declined a media request for her income tax returns.

Tina Kotek provided both state and federal returns. Christine Drazen provided only federal returns.

Although the release of tax return information is not a requirement,  it is longstanding precedent. And it gives voters insight into potential conflicts of interest.

The Johnson candidacy only benefits forced-birth proponent Drazen. Vote Kotek for governor.

Alisa Owen




Forced-birth proponent…? Do you mean birth? Or should we say, vote Kotek, the forced-murder proponent in the race. You have a very common problem that progressive liberals across the nation struggle with. You run incredibly un-like able candidates and then wring your hands when competition shows up to challenge for lib votes, or when people just don’t like the person Or are not excited about them.


David, you make a great point. Let’s get rid of that other stuff and use the money to file the appeal on the unconstitutional gun sanctuary court ruling. Those things will always be there, we are losing our freedoms day by day. The 2nd amendment protects all of those things anyway.

Good thinking. Oh, and you can’t pay all of those light bills anyway, the city just pushed through a new tax, or fee, whatever you want to call it, to make up the difference in their budget mismanagement.