Patricia Lynn Hatfield 1970 - 2022

Patricia Lynn Hatfield, 52, of Dayton, Oregon, sadly died on August 9, 2022. She was preceded in death by her mother, Jacqueline Pleinis; stepfather, Harry Pleinis; and father, Dennis Schumacher.

Tricia Hatfield, loving wife of Kenneth Hatfield, passed away August 9, 2022, at Portland Providence Medical Center after her short but fierce battle with cancer. She is survived by her husband, Kenneth; son, Roy; daughter, Jessica; granddaughter, Maeve; and brothers, Denny, Donnie and David.

Tricia and Kenny were more than just husband and wife; they were each other’s best friend. It’s hard to imagine a life without the person you’ve dreamed of living it with. Ken and Tricia knew each other for quite some time before dating, belonging to the same car club, the GM Classy Chassis, and from what she told me, she hated his guts. Needless to say, he swept her off her feet with his charm and striking good looks. Who am I kidding? She loved his humor, knowledge of all things automotive, that he could drive and fix anything with a motor and the fact that he took no guff from anyone. She stole his heart with her home-cooked meals and award-worthy desserts. If there’s one thing that woman could do, it was cook, and if there was one way to his heart, it was through his stomach! They started dating in 1990 and were married on August 3, 1991. Ken had a daughter from a previous relationship, but that didn’t deter Tricia from stepping up and taking on the role of Mom. On July 5, 1992, they welcomed their son, Roy, a troublemaker from the very beginning; pretty sure he’s responsible for all the gray hairs she tried to hide.

Tricia started her career in the automotive industry, working at Erickson’s in Lafayette. She worked there for 11 years before transferring to Mac Auto, where she worked for 22 years before her passing. Tricia quickly made a name for herself as the go-to expert when it came to auto parts and mixing up some awesome paints; her co-workers gave her the nickname, “the paint queen." Some have been quoted saying, “Pretty bad when the best parts' guy in town is a woman"; more like bad-A!! A woman in a man’s world, and she exceeded in every way possible; she loved her job, and she was good at it. She looked forward to preparing for the annual Carquest Cruise, the Gut kickoff party every year, coming up with cool ideas and persuading all the local companies to create awesome raffle prizes to be given away.

Tricia loved her family, her friends and her little fur babies. She was stubborn and spoke her mind but would do anything for anyone in need; but don’t mistake that kindness for weakness: she was a no-nonsense kind of person who would never be taken advantage of. She was such an amazingly talented, smart, caring and protective person. She always taught us to be independent, stand up for ourselves and to take care of those who take care of you. Blood doesn’t always make you a family, and she firmly believed that. Tricia was truly a blessing to all whose lives she touched; she will forever be missed. She was taken away too soon, and the shock of the loss has hit us all like a freight train. We will have to learn how to live without her and keep her memory alive in everything we do. We love you and will see you again.


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