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UPDATE: Man arrested after 200 rounds fired from multiple weapons in McMinnville; no injuries reported

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Members of the police team responding to shots fired move in to surround the house on Mt. Mazama Street.
Rusty Rae/News-Register##Members of the police team responding to shots fired move in to surround the house on Mt. Mazama Street.
Rusty Rae/News-Register##A member of the Yamhill County Sheriff s  Officer directs another office to a secure area as officers surrounded the house on Mt. Mazama Street.
Rusty Rae/News-Register##A member of the Yamhill County Sheriff's Officer directs another office to a secure area as officers surrounded the house on Mt. Mazama Street.

UPDATE, Sunday: Police have arrested Dillan Joseph Cashman, 32, of McMinnville following an investigation into Saturday's shooting incident, in which about 200 rounds were fired from multiple weapons, according to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.

Cashman was booked into Yamhill County Jail without bail on five counts of unlawful use of a weapon and five counts of felon in possession of a firearm.

Additional charges are expected as the investigation continues and information is presented to the Yamhill County District Attorney's office, according to the YCSO,

According to the YCSO, Cashman is being held without jail on a judge's order under Senate Bail 48, which requires someone charged with an unlawful possession of a weapon offense is required to appear before a judge prior to being released.


Saturday story:

A McMinnville man was taken into custody Saturday after a three-hour stand-off in southwest McMinnville with multiple gunshots fired, including some at law enforcement officers.

No one was hurt in the incident and the man, described as in his mid-thirties, has been taken for medical evaluation but has not yet been charged, according to Sgt. Sam Elliott of Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office, which assisted in the response, interviewed at 6 p.m.

Regional law enforcement including Oregon State Crime Laboratory investigators are on scene this weekend investigating the incident, which put the surrounding neighborhoods into lockdown as police issued shelter in place alerts to residents.

At 10:20 a.m. McMinnville Police Department responded to a report of a domestic dispute at a residence in the 100 block of S.W. Mt. Mazama St. The initial report included information that an adult male in the residence was threatening another individual and was potentially emotionally disturbed. The other occupants of the residence left the scene before any shots were fired, according to Elliott. The man in custody is believed to be the only person present. Asked about a second suspect, Elliott said, “at this time we believe he was the only one.”

McMinnville police arrived in the area and initially did not observe anything concerning at the residence. As they approached, multiple loud explosions were heard, and they reported gunshots being fired. At observation posts officers were able to both see and hear and learned from witnesses the individual was throwing large mortar style fireworks from the residence into the street and into the backyard.

Elliott said investigators have not yet determined the number of shots fired, and by whom, and he did not know how close some of the shots came to responders.

A reverse 911 was sent to neighboring residents to shelter in place, and a perimeter was established to hopefully allow time and distance to deescalate. The officers were able to confirm there was nobody else inside the residence. Officers periodically heard what they believed to be gunfire from inside the residence and fireworks and mortars were sporadically thrown from the residence.

The Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team (TNT) was requested for tactical and negotiations support.

A little after noon officers reported that shots were being fired out of the residence. Two police officers and two sheriff’s deputies reported gunshots fired at them, and two police officers exchanged gunfire with the individual, who retreated back into the residence.

Once the TNT members arrived, officers left the direct vicinity, and TNT was able to engage the involved individual at times in telephone negotiations. About 1:20 p.m. the individual surrendered to TNT members and was taken into custody. He was transported to a local hospital as a precaution but did not have any apparent injury.

Due to the size of the scene, with multiple neighboring houses being struck by gunfire from the individual, and law enforcement being involved in returning fire, the Yamhill County Major Crimes Response Team (MCRT) was activated. The investigation is in the early stages and will take some time to complete. Investigators will be canvassing the neighborhood to recover any evidence, and investigators ask anyone who may have any video surveillance or photos to contact investigators at 503-434-6500 so that evidence can be recovered. There are no injuries to anyone involved at this time. The involved individual is not being identified at this time as no criminal charges have been filed.


Joel R

Glad the got him and no one got hurt.
Can someone at the jail ask this fella if he has a second home out in the west hills? I've got some cat that lives behind me that shoots off mortar style fireworks on new years eve and fourth of july. Maybe these cops want to look at starting to enforce the law on the holidays instead of looking the other way?


Looks like he is listed on the County Jail Roster now, charged with being felon in possession or a firearm so far. He has a fairly extensive record and a history of violence. I wonder if this is the same person that was leaving bombs around town last week? Thankfully no one was hurt.

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