Letters to the editor: May 20, 2022

What science?

Planning Director Heather Richards said, “There is fear of congestion on Highway 18, which, quite frankly, the science just doesn’t support.”

I — and likely many other people — would very much like to see this “science” in print.

Larry Larson



It’s not too late

I am recovering from a bout with COVID. I got it from my husband, who got it who knows where.

Fortunately, we have been vaccinated twice and boosted twice, so our cases have been mild, like a cold. We have been quarantining for 10 days each, to, hopefully, stop our germs from spreading.

I think back to two years ago, when we were locked down, terrified of getting COVID at a time that it could prove a death sentence.

Then, everything changed. A vaccine became available. It was like a miracle!

I was happy to get my shots and have the opportunity to regain a somewhat “normal” life. It took a while, though, and in the meantime, 1 million Americans have died of COVID.

Many of those deaths wouldn’t have happened if folks had been vaccinated, and preferably boosted as well. But it’s not too late.

COVID is still out there. Which would you prefer: experiencing cold symptoms or facing hospitalization and possibly death?

Margaret Shields



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