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Bladine: Leader recoils from the darkness within

This week’s column goes to Dallas Heard, Oregon state senator from Roseburg who just finished one year as Oregon Republican Party chairman. His good-bye letter was a disturbing commentary on Oregon politics.

“My physical and spiritual health can no longer survive exposure to the toxicity that can be found in this community,” he wrote, “ ... I must warn you good people in our party that we truly have an equal if not greater evil than the Democrats, walking among us.”

With that attention-grab, Heard continued:

“Community psychological warfare tactics are being used daily within the party. These tactics are being used to destroy anyone of true character who would oppose the man who introduced them into our community for the last 20 years. The endless slander, gossip, conspiracies, sabotage, lies, hatred, pointless criticism, blocking of ideas, and mutiny brought against my administration has done what I once never thought possible. They have broken my spirit. I can face the Democrats with courage and conviction, but I can’t fight my own people, too … I bitterly regret that my body and soul were not able to withstand the endless assault.”

Heard himself has been on the extreme end of Republican politics as a state legislator and party leader from the Roseburg area. He did not cede anything to the Democrats who control Oregon politics with their super-majority legislative and executive dominance, and who in recent years have provoked insurrection-like outrage among Republicans.

“I am extremely grieved,” Heard wrote, “that I will no longer serve and help you save Oregon from the ever-advancing Democrats … If we don’t beat the godless Left this November we will be exposing our children to a future that is not worth living in Oregon.”

However, even this proponent of aggressive Republican politics could not stomach the life inside GOP party governance:

“I hope you will guard your hearts against the wickedness in our party … Those who have worked to destroy me are so determined to dominate/control the party, that they are seemingly willing to sink the ship if that is what is required for them to take back control … ignoring the wickedness within our organization would be a mistake. It must be exposed and removed … I hope you find a way to purge this darkness from the ORP.”

There is nothing there for anyone to celebrate ... something we know in Yamhill County, home to a few elements of that darkness.

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