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Authors to talk about BLM

Linfield’s director of libraries and her writing partner will discuss their essay, “Resistance to Survive: The Criminalization of the Black Lives Matter Movement,” Thursday, Feb. 24, at the university.

The free program will start at 5 p.m. in the Jereld R. Nicholson Library’s Austin Reading Room. Face masks are required.

It is part of the school’s “Readings at the Nick” series.

Ginny Blackson is director of Linfield library. Her collaborator is attorney Teresa Divine, a professor of law and justice at Central Washington University.

They wrote the essay for “Criminalization of Activism: Historical, Present and Future Perspectives” in 2021. They argue that “law enforcement is used as a weapon to silence the Black community … The law appears to be on our side, but our bodies are still not safe.”

For more information, contact Blackson, at



Ask, please, about their marxist leader's new $1.4 million house in a mostly-white LA neighborhood.


I'd be interested in hearing this but not going - too bad it can't be webcast...


“Criminalization of Activism...", did a little research and this sums up what I read on numerous websites, "a growing number of states are introducing laws to hold protesters criminally and civilly responsible for property damage that occurs during protests". Some estimates put the BLM/antifa riot damage at $2 billion, 25 lives lost, 2,000 police injured, and uncounted number of other civilian, participant injuries. Why should this not be illegal? These are not mostly peaceful protests. If somebody smashes your store windows and steals your things, that should be illegal. shouldn't it?

This is a marxist game plan, the end justifies the means, Saul Alinsky 101.

Tyler C

The Black Lives Matter movement is the biggest and most important civil rights movement in my lifetime. As many as 26 million Americans were on the streets letting their voices be heard. Their simple request was for the rule of law to be applied equally to all Americans and particularly for the lives of Black Americans to be treated with the same respect that is afforded to white Americans. And we saw police agencies across the nation react to this request with riot gear, rubber bullets, beanbag guns, LRADs, teargas, and swinging batons. Meanwhile when groups like the Little Proud Boys - a group that publicly calls for racist violence - the police meet with calm, collected collaboration.

Property damage is unfortunate but if you are wringing yourself in a knot about the state of a Walgreens and not about the government executing Black citizens in the street on suspicion of minor crimes, then I recommend you open your heart and reconsider your priorities.

I wish I could attend this event. The future of our democracy is in a delicate position and I expect it will be very interesting.


BLM is a self serving Fraud, they help no one. They ruined Portland and other cities in 2020.


It's so easy to read and understand what the BLM is really about. The only reason I can think of why you would continue to spread lies about the movement is that you're a dyed-in-the-wool racist.

The good people of this country, indeed the world, don't care about your toxic views.


Tyler, you owe me one keyboard.

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