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Property taxes due

Property tax payments are due by Nov. 15, if owners want to receive a 3% discount for paying in full early. Otherwise, they can pay in thirds, with the first installment due by that date.

The Yamhill County Assessor’s Office mailed bills to residential and commercial property owners on Oct. 22.

Information about property tax bills, and how to pay, also is available on the Assessor’s Office website, Property owners can look up their bills by number or address.

The Assessor’s Office is open weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., but closed during the noon hour and all day on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. For more info, go to the website or call 503-434-7521.


David S. Wall

I'm paid up in the 'Guild."

Why does a property owner in my neighborhood have a designation of Exclusive Farm Use (EFU)-20 when the 'Hazelnut orchard' is not even 10acres?

Should not this property have its' agricultural tax protections revoked?

There is even a Roadhouse Bar on this property.

Seems to me, the Assessor should review this property's tax status.

David S. Wall

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