Dorothy Jane Neal Ober 1918 - 2021

Dorothy Jane Neal Ober passed away quietly August 8, 2021, in her home at Rock of Ages. She was 102.

Dorothy was born  November 17, 1918, at home in Dufur, Oregon. She was a great-granddaughter of pioneer Peter Neal, who was wagon master of the second wagon train to arrive in Oregon. Dorothy graduated from Dufur High school where she was a very active student; she was president of her senior class and enjoyed acting and appeared in many plays. Dorothy had a wonderful sense of humor. She was married to George Ober for 59 years, living in The Dalles, Oregon, and Dufur until moving to McMinnville, Oregon, in 1999.

She is survived by sons, Kenneth and Robert (Helen); nephew, Richard Neal; nine grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; and 24 great-great-grandchildren.

There will be a family graveside service in The Dalles  with the help of Macy & Son Funeral Home.

Below is a poem titled "Sunflower" from the book “In the Shadow of God’s Wings” by Susan Gregg Schroeder.

"There stands a flower in a field.
The flower is different than most others in the field.
This is partly because of its large size,
and partly because of something much deeper.
In the very core of the flower is a dark spot.
The flower worries about its spot,
and so tries to cover its darkness with petals.
The insects notice only the cheery petals on the outside,
and so they flock to the flower
ignoring its dark center.
And time passes.
The flower’s roots suck hungrily at the ground
taking in minerals given from rain high above.
The bright yellow sun shines away
allowing the plant to grow further.
With the help of the sun and water,
the plant matures.
The brownish spot changes into scores of seeds.
The warm wind helps carry the seeds away.
And where they land...
they bring new life to the world."


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