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Gas line repair ongoing in Newberg

UPDATE, 1 p.m Friday: NW Natural has repaired the gas line and stopped the gas leak near Providence Newberg Hospital. Both Providence Drive and Highway 99W in the area have reopened.

Evacuations have been lifted. People can returned to their businesses and homes. The hospital is able to accept visitors and new patients.


Firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and the Dundee Fire Department are on scene with NW Natural as they repair a broken gas line at a construction site adjacent to Providence Newberg Medical Center off Highway 99W and Providence Drive.

​​​​Providence Drive is closed to all traffic, and patients coming to the hospital for care will need to divert to another nearby hospital. Visitors will need to postpone coming to the hospital until the gas line is repaired and the scene is cleared and deemed safe.

"We realize the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate everyone’s understanding," a hospital spokesperson said. "Safety is our top priority."

NW Natural is working as quickly as possible to repair the gas line. We do not have an ETA on when that repair will be complete.

Other agencies on scene assisting include Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Transportation and Newberg-Dundee Police Department.

An updated notification will be sent out as soon as the scene is clear and can safely return to normal operations and access to all traffic.




This is a story that cries out for a specific time. I note that it doesn't even use a day of the week, but if people need to make plans around this event they need to have a sense of when it happened. Simply writing in present tense is not enough.


Really? Noname, the story is about something currently going on. Get a clue!


Yamhillbilly2: One of the five Ws of journalism is "when." This needed a "when," as in when did it start. That would help readers understand an ongoing event.
No need to be meanspirited or condescending.


Not intended to be mean spirited. Sorry to think it is odd not to connect ‘breaking news’ with understanding it is going on currently. My mistake.


The story as originally written in present tense is like a TV broadcast that one watches in real time, and one can assume the information on TV is up to date because reporters are still in the field or on the phone confirming while the audience is engaged. But on a website (or print publication for that matter) there is no "real time" to the audience reading it. People can dip in and out at will. Thus, newspapers usually put the day or date high up in a story. For web postings of immediate or ongoing events a timestamp would help and was the point of my original comment, but the NR does not do that. And even the "1 p.m." update that was added later is not accurate as evidenced by the comments that come after 1 p.m. Perhaps it is not obvious, but I wouldn't have commented at all at 1:34 if the update were actually posted at that time.

And the use of "Breaking News" chyrons and screen wipes so prevalent on TV these days is simply an attempt to grab audience attention and no longer reflective of an ongoing event. I've seen it used on events a day old and long since over. The overused term "Breaking News" is no longer relevant or to be trusted. It is simply a form of self-promotion.


Noname: Sorry you are continuing to struggle with this. The original post is written in present tense, not in real time action. You reference, ‘ posts made after 1 pm’, which tells me you are getting real time accounts thru YAMCO watch or somewhere other than NR. You also seem to be drifting towards a ‘fake news’ comment. Why do you expect the NR to attempt ‘real time’ current postings on a story? Anyone wanting current posts on a subject of concern have resources for that info, for planning around the event. I still don’t understand your confusion, your original post struck me as petty. Forgive me for having an opinion.

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