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Outbreak at Delphian School includes 40 students, 6 staff

It’s one of 389 current school outbreaks in Oregon, according to the OHA, including several smaller outbreaks in the county, most of them previously reported. They consist of five students infected at Willamina Middle and High School in Willamina, three at Duniway Middle School in McMinnville, one at Patton Middle School in McMinnville and one at Grandhaven Elementary School in McMinnville.

The OHA reported there are also active current outbreaks at Fircrest Senior Living in McMinnville, with six people infected, the federal prison in Sheridan, where 83 people have been infected since last October, and the Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg, with five people infected.

Yamhill County reported 17 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, bringing the county to a total to date of 4,552. There have been 76 deaths in the county. According to county health, 53.6% of the eligible population 16 and older has now received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Statewide last week, new cases decreased by 16%, but the rate of positive tests increased slightly, from 6.1% to 6.4%, despite a decrease in overall testing. The OHA said that 57 Oregonians died, making it the highest death toll in 10 weeks, and hospitalizations also increased.



Makes me wonder if Scientologists believe in the vaccination, or are they boycotting it and now have an outbreak?


Really Leo?! That's your takeaway? This is just one (1) of 389 outbreaks in Oregon schools. Why are we subjecting our children to what could be a lethal proposition instead of protecting them. Scientologists or not, this is an issue affecting all people's, no matter what their belief system. Let's stop bashing and start seeking responsible solutions.


The Delphian school has historically had the lowest vaccination rates in the county. Sadly, I’m not surprised one bit.


In the 1980's I saw YC play Delphian in girls' softball. A Delphian runner was hit by a line drive. The coach ran out, demanded the ball be handed to him, and then rubbed the girls arm with the ball and chanted something indiscernible.

My guess is they're anti-vax at the Delphian School.

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