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Bladine: Too much news for just one topic

So many stories; so little space.

Said his name: Twelve Minneapolis jurors — seven women and five men; six white and six Black or multiracial — this week sparked widespread street celebrations instead of a nationwide firestorm that could have destroyed untold property, lives and freedoms. They said his name — George Perry Floyd Jr. — and hopefully helped introduce a 21st century transformation of policing in America.


Jeb Bladine is president and publisher of the News-Register.

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Return to high risk: Today, we again are a “high risk county” with more stringent restrictions on gathering places. That leapfrog from “low risk” happened because Yamhill County exceeded 100 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people over two weeks ending Saturday. If recent increases continue, a statewide hospitalization trend could kick some counties to “extreme risk.” That can happen if Oregon has 300 COVID-19 patients hospitalized and a 15 percent increase over seven days —the state’s most recent daily numbers of hospitalized COVID patients (through Wednesday) are 195, 199, 243, 255 and 272.

Separate the issues: Discussion of conflict at Linfield University intertwines too many issues and too many timelines. Careless readers might conclude Linfield today is rife with sexual assault risks and leadership antisemitism, but it’s not the case. However, a number of investigated incidents dating from 2017 were not resolved in a manner acceptable to many students and faculty, and there’s little recognition of some underlying power struggles between faculty and administration. Trying to understand and assess all those issues separately is a major challenge.

Reporting on vaccine: COVID-19 vaccination eligibility now extends to all adults, while vaccine availability has declined. We keep trying to understand incomplete and contradictory state and county reports on vaccine availability in Yamhill County, but access seems less important because so many people are declining those population-protecting shots.

No relief for cousins: This week, Business Oregon opened Round 2 of grants for building owners to cover outstanding lease payments from tenants behind on rent due to COVID-19. Landlord and tenant cannot be considered family, the state agency said — when prodded for details, they added, “not even third cousins twice removed.”

Who hates whom? A reader today claims News-Register editors have a “barely hidden hatred of more than half of Yamhill County’s voting citizens — those of us who voted for President Trump.” So, is fervent opposition to a politician or political cause now considered hatred for all who support that person or viewpoint? Does such an accusation itself provoke personal hatred in place of loyal opposition? I hope not.

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I'm glad you referenced the Butterfield letter. It is frightening that how difficult it seems to be for the extremes of our political life to accept differing opinions. I guess that is why they are at the extremes. Because of how they use language they make it easy to see them.

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