Johnathan Oden Calhoon 2007 - 2021

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, our son, grandson and brother, Johnathan Oden Calhoon, left this earth far too soon.

Johnathan was always an easy-going kid with no complaints about what life gave him. Using humor, Johnathan persevered through many life obstacles, and always kept a smile on his face. He struggled with academics and understanding certain concepts, but that never stopped him from putting out his best work.

Starting from elementary school, Johnathan captured the hearts of the teachers, students and staff members who worked with him throughout his life. Johnathan never showed any anger or sadness, just joy and happiness, even while battling epilepsy. Johnathan never let anything stop him from enjoying life. It didn’t matter who you were, Johnathan always treated everyone the same. He enjoyed talking with anybody in need of a friend.

Johnathan was the youngest of his family, who always came together to care for him. He made their lives easier, being a beam of happiness and love in a stressful world. Johnathan had an innocence to him that never went unnoticed. He filled rooms with laughter with his witty one-liners and selfless attitude, continuing to make people laugh even after his passing.


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