Where was the outrage over Portland violence?

Retired Naval Veteran

Although not at all surprised by the response to the latest events that unfolded in Salem and D.C., as submitted to the paper by various professors, editors, writers and fellow citizens, I have to admit I was also a bit amused.

Not, mind you, regarding the horrific and blatantly unlawful riots that assaulted the very foundations of what we profess to hold near and dear. I abhor the actions taken by those individuals, and even more those taken by President Trump and — if true — Oregon State Rep. Mike Nearman.

No, what got me was the depth and breadth of the outrageous indignation that poured forth. It reminded me of an often mangled quote from Hamlet — "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

I have to ponder a bit. I have to wonder if, in the far reaches in the back of their minds, they felt that they and a host of other liberal media pundits, politicians and civic leaders might been a bit complicit as well.

On May 31, 2020, George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers. A knee to the throat, pinning him to the ground, caused him to suffocate. However, the officers involved with Mr. Floyd’s death have been arrested, charged and scheduled for trial.

Immediately, Black Lives Matter and Antifa came to town. Under the guise of protesting police brutality, they preceded to riot, burn and vandalize, in and around Minneapolis, for several days.

In a flash, riots were running rampant throughout the country. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta and New York City were among cities falling victim to riots that burned whole sections of residential communities and commercial districts.

Homes and businesses were vandalized and looted. Innocent citizens were assaulted, resulting in several homicides.

Instead of the riots being condemned, and the mayors and governors protecting their communities, it all became political. Liberal officials stood helplessly by and ceded control of their communities to the activists. "Defund the Police" became the new agenda on both counts.

As liberal city councils succumbed to the activists and slashed police budgets, and personnel, major crime shot through the roof. In 2020, Portland saw its highest homicide rate in more than 25 years. And activists pressured the mayor into disbanding the gun violence reduction team.

The result? Already, in just the first two weeks of 2021, there have been 45 gun assaults.

Now we come to the siege of Portland. For seven-plus months, BLM, Antifa and the Proud Boys have run amuck with impunity.

Yes, there were some peaceful demonstrations. However, the greater majority were indeed unlawful gatherings, culminating in hundred-plus straight nights where Antifa reigned over the city.

The the mayor and governor showed an inability to deal with the lawlessness. Bit by bit, the police were restricted in their ability to respond.

Aiding in their gross mishandling of the mess, the district attorney, for all intents and purposes, gave a free ride to anyone who elected to go out, break windows, vandalize property, assault the mayor and harass, vandalize, and threaten city councilors' families and homes.

Portland’s national reputation has been severely damaged. Businesses have boarded up their windows, closed their doors or opted to relocate, and insurance rates have skyrocketed. It’s get out of Dodge time!

Arrests? Few! Charges filed? Fewer!

Through all of this, I have yet to come across any outrage, anger or condemnation by contributors deploring the assault on the U.S. Capitol.

I fully support any person or group that peacefully and lawfully assembles to protest. I do so regardless of their cause or issue, popular or not. It's a right protected under the constitutions of the state of Oregon and the United States.

That protection does not cover arson, vandalism, assault, harassment or murder, no matter the cause, group or justification. Not ever.

If these same aforementioned contributors had been as forceful in their condemnation of the excesses of recent months, and our leaders had been firm in dealing with the rioters from the start, it's my firm belief the riotous Capitol assaults in D.C. and Salem would not have occurred.

Liberals love to cherry pick the laws they will enforce. Unfortunately for all of us, the other side followed suit.

Lastly, I am fed up with liberals tarnishing anyone who dares to have a differing viewpoint with the label of racist, white supremacist or supporter of white supremacy. Not only is it morally bankrupt, it is intellectually indefensible.

I have been through the South during the reign of George Wallace and Bull Connor. I have viewed first-hand the living conditions of Black sharecroppers, the whites-only drinking fountains, the segregated buses, the threat of being mistaken for a Freedom Rider and run off the road.

I have seen the look of hopelessness on faces, thanks to a climate of fear, white terrorism and abject poverty. I had classmates who were unconstitutionally incarcerated, along with their families, in internment camps. So I know what racism is, and what it is not.

We were celebrating Martin Luther King day as I wrote this. My answer to all of those on the left or right who choose to play the race card is one of my favorite MLK quotes: "Hate is not conquered by hate, hate is conquered by love, and, I look to the day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

McMinnville resident Bill Hall proudly proclaims himself to be Oregon’s oldest soccer coach. Although currently registered Republican, he considers himself a Harry Truman/John F. Kennedy Democrat.




Don Dix

Mr. Hall -- First of all, thank you for your service.

To the point, accurate, and full of truth -- priceless!

Bill B

Ditto with a capital D!


Thank your for a very to the point article and thank you for your service. You nailed it.


Thank your for a very to the point article and thank you for your service. You nailed it.

Bill B

@tagup, #treefarmer, feel free to chime in at any time why the Portland riots were different.


Okay – chiming in.

Mr. Hall says: “I fully support any person or group that peacefully and lawfully assembles to protest. I do so regardless of their cause or issue, popular or not. It's a right protected under the constitutions of the state of Oregon and the United States.

That protection does not cover arson, vandalism, assault, harassment or murder, no matter the cause, group or justification. Not ever.”
This quote speaks for me.

Re “DEFUND THE POLICE,” I find this to be an absurd concept. We need to re-educate some of the troops, weed out the bullies, the budgets could use some re-structuring, but I value and appreciate our law enforcement officers. In my estimation they get up every day and lay their lives on the line to protect us. I don’t need to imagine the chaos and danger of a world without them, I have watched enough video from January 6th to provide a horrifying reality check.

As a relatively liberal person, I will take exception to the idea that we on this side of the aisle routinely “tarnish” and “label” opposing viewpoints. I have friends and family who often disagree with me. I love these people and remain determined to understand and respect their opinions. Surely I am not the only one who feels this way?

I believe the most basic issue we face is our inability to find consensus on the facts. Vicious self-serving lies have polluted our discourse to the point where it is a challenge even to agree on what day it is. Some in the media, and any number of politicians, benefit from the manufactured confusion and so it continues. We The People can change that – but will we?

Don Dix

Some want to focus on Jan. 6, and disregard 100+ days of Portland unrest (or violent protests in other cities). That was the title of Mr. Hall's submission.

Parallels between the two are similar:
Both were violent, vandalism and looting at will, deaths occurred, and the police were dissed and attacked. Fiery dialogue from elected leaders encouraged both actions.

The major difference seems to be the handling of criminal activity/accountability.

If possible, it would be helpful to understand why one gets treated with kid gloves, as if it never happened, and the other is ending up in a trial in the Senate -- something stinks!


Mr.Dix I recall you had difficulty distinguishing different levels of lies in a recent post, could that be the problem we are seeing again here – recognizing differences? The prolonged looting and vandalism in Portland (and other cities) was indeed horrific but those bands of hooligans were NOT attempting to take down the US government, assassinate the Vice President and Speaker of the House, or thwart the certification of a duly elected President. Riot vs coup? It is strange indeed that you equate the two and find equivalence.

It may be that some foul odors originate in the nose of the beholder.

Don Dix

The title simply asks the question -- Where was the outrage over Portland violence? Not a difficult task -- all laws apply to all citizens (rioters in this case) -- unless the answer is tainted by partisan doublespeak.


Tree- I certainly agree with your statement that there is an inability to acknowledge facts in our public discourse these days. Even the author of this piece dropped an “if true” before he is willing to condemn Mike Nearman.....credibility becomes an issue when the author cannot state the obvious and take a stand without a contingency statement to cover his rear end.
I must admit. I lost interest in his point after the second paragraph....


Well said.


Thank you for your service as well.....and thank you for putting these words which have been heavy on many minds this past year. Conservative Americans, who most have no prejudice towards any person of color, are bullied to keep our mouths closed by these liberals you speak of. It's a form of religion to them. They think that those who disagree just aren't as smart as they are- thus we are wrong. Scream at us - kick us off their platform, or close our accounts. Whatever. If they are so much more intelligent I'd like to know why they don't know the definition of an "opinion"?


It’s not about intelligence.... it’s about telling the truth....speak in factual terms and nobody gets kicked off the platform.

Don Dix

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the freedom of speech and expression against all levels of government censorship. Is that next on the agenda?


Oh please. The militia movement has been a force in this country for decades and the Capitol siege was a culmination of it. These comparisons are idiotic. BLM and Antifa are marginal at best and do not stand at the center of power. The Capitol insurrection was easily the most stomach churning event in decades for this country and the product of horrific GOP policies and dire for our country. Get a clue.


Hmmm. All that screaming and shouting about not being racist. "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much".


Frankly this is dark. It means the writer either does not understand or does not care about what the Constitution says - as vets we protect that, not a party or a president, (whose lawlessness of the former president this opinion dishonestly ignores). Eliding or defending what happened last month renders "service" meaningless - as does hiding behind it like a shield.

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