By News-Register staff • 

Another round of heavy rains hit the valley

Forecasters predicted a “100% chance” of rain from late Monday afternoon through early Wednesday morning.

They cautioned heavy rain may interfere with travel and cause rivers to overflow their banks. A flood watch was issued, from Monday night through Wednesday.

The state’s Department of Geology and Mineral Industries also warned the heavy rain could trigger landslides, rock falls and debris flows in steep terrain, and that the risk is higher in burn areas.

“They can easily travel a mile or more. A debris flow moves faster than a person can run,” the state department said. “People, structures and roads located below steep slopes in canyons and near the mouths of canyons may be at serious risk.

Tuesday night will be “breezy,” as well, forecasters said.

Rain is expected to decrease, but not stop, later in the week. There may be a few hours without it late Wednesday and early Thursday, then the forecast calls for it to resume. But Friday and the weekend should be relatively dry.

Temperatures will be warmer this week, with highs in the low 50s during the day and lows in the 40s most nights.


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