Cleo M. Tribbett 1930 - 2020

Cleo Tribbett was born in New Mexico in 1930, to Orest and Cecilia Bell. She had four siblings, Kenny, Oscar, Dorothy and Frank, all now deceased. Because of the stress of the Dust Bowl and Depression, her family moved to Oregon to pick fruit and work in the fields. There she met and married Charles Tribbett. Cleo and her husband bought a house north of Yamhill where the kitchen had blackberry briars growing through the cracks in the wall. There she gave birth to her first four children, Ron, Gary, Sandy (died at birth) and Diana. The family moved to an 80-acre patch of woods and pasture where her youngest, Susie, was born. There she has built a legacy.

Cleo baked a pie a day for several decades, milked cows, fed pigs, put up firewood, grew flowers and children. She served as room mom, PTA president, read for first graders, provided caregiving for the elderly, visited those in need and alone, and rarely missed a wedding, graduation or funeral. She made you laugh and eat more than your stomach could hold. She sent out a text message every morning, including devotions centered on her thankfulness to God, affirmation of love for her children, a witty remark making fun of herself or a pun worthy of recording.

She loved a well-tended garden and flower bed, home-cooked meals with lots of dessert, friends who have been there through the years, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and her great-great-grandchildren, four kids and their mates, her husband of 66 years, and her Heavenly Father.

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