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Boat registration renewals to arrive via mail, email

The Oregon State Marine Board mailed boat registration renewals to boaters who have an email on file for boats with registration expiring 12/31/2020 on November 1. Boaters without an email on file will receive a mailed Boat Registration Renewal Notice the week of November 9. Each renewal notice is unique to the owner and their boat.

Renewing digitally using the Marine Board’s Boat Oregon online store remains the quickest option. After completing the transaction, boat owners can print a temporary permit and go boating immediately.

Registrations are printed the next business day for mailing. Using the Boat Oregon Store is cost-efficient, saving postage and administrative costs, allowing the agency to leverage registration dollars for boating facility improvement projects and on-water marine law enforcement services.

Another renewal option is U.S. Mail. Boaters who do not have an email address on file will be mailed a registration renewal. Simply return payment and remittance coupon in the return envelope to the Marine Board. Boater owners who receive an emailed registration renewal can also print the email and mail it along with a check or money order.

Any watercraft with a motor or sailboats 12 feet or longer are required to title and register with the Marine Board. Registration fees vary based on boat length. The average boat length in Oregon is 16 feet, so the cost of a two-year registration is $100.20.

Inform the Marine Board if you’ve sold your boat so staff can update the boat record. Reporting a sale is easy online. The last owner on record will be contacted if a boat is deemed abandoned or derelict and may be held liable for the removal, storage, dismantling, and disposal costs. Failure to report a transfer is a Class D violation ($115 fine). It’s also state law that any new owner of a boat, boathouse, or floating home with valid identifying numbers apply for a boat title and registration within 30 days.


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