Elect Ron Noble, Oregon House District 24

It has been my privilege to know and work with State Rep. Ron Noble, first for many years as chief of police for McMinnville and then for the past four years as my legislative representative in District 24.

I have visited his office numerous times on issues important to our city, including transportation, education, housing and homelessness. We have met at numerous community meetings and public functions.

He always makes himself available to those he represents and listens intently. I’ve been impressed with his honesty, integrity, leadership and ability to build consensus within government.

Having worked in local government previously as chief of police, where the rubber meets the road, Representative Noble has brought experience and expertise to Salem. He has become effective as an elected official and as a voice for our district.

He serves on eight committees: The House Committee on Human Services (vice-chair), Joint Committee on Transportation (vice chair), Joint Committee on Conduct (co-chair), Joint Committee On Transportation (vice-chair), Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform, Joint Committee on the Interstate 5 Bridge, House Committee on Healthcare and House Committee on Judiciary. That’s a major accomplishments for a second term representative.

We need a representative who supports the education of our children, improvement of our health care system and sustainability of our state budget. We need to re-elect Ron Noble — a man who listens and delivers a strongly committed, passionate and positive voice.

Submitted by and paid for Scott Hill, McMinnville

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