Vote for Brittany Ruiz, McMinnville City Council, ward 2

As a small business owner I have become frustrated by the routine taxes and fees that are being added for us to do business in McMinnville, without seeing improvement in those same services.

Last year when a 5% franchise fee and a 2.8% sewage fee was tacked onto our bill we were under the assumption that this was needed to fix the homeless concerns. Yet, when myself and others have inquired as to where the funds have gone, we have not been able to get a straight answer. Menke, knowing there were transparency issues on this went ahead and voted in favor.

Many businesses and families are suffering this year due to being shut down. Menke has voted for every single fee increase so far this year despite not waiting to see how the economic hit will impact families and businesses. When she voted to raise the Recology fee her response was, "This is how we always do it."

We are done with the "same old". Menke has been on this council for 16 years and in that time our City infrastructure has been crumbling and our fees continue to go up.

We need a new voice. New vision and someone that will stand up and protect businesses, support our City services and demand transparency on the council. 
Vote for Brittany if you want to see that change.

Submitted and paid for by Brandon and Melissa Malloy

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