Elect Kellie Menke, McMinnville City Council, Ward 2


Councilor Kellie Menke has devoted years of service within McMinnville. Numerous service clubs, committees and working groups all with an eye toward making McMinnvile livable and enjoyable for ALL, no matter their background, socio-economic situation, or their beliefs.

I'm voting Menke because I find her forthright and she believes in facts, science, and compassion for all.

In my opinion I cannot trust her opponent Brittany Ruiz to use sound judgment and transparency in such a position. Ruiz has a history as an anti-science conspiracy theorist who has deleted her BritterTwits Twitter account to hide that history. She also hides 12+ years working in the Sea Org of Scientology as a registrar and social media cop carrying out harassment campaigns against former members of the church.

Yes on Menke! No on nonsense.

Paid for and submitted by Kellie Peterson, McMinnville

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