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Transient allegedly tried to set fire at auto dealership

Rogelio Solorio
Rogelio Solorio

A McMinnville transient allegedly attempted to set fire to wood pallets stacked next to the Jim Doran Auto Center building Tuesday night, according to Police Chief Matt Scales.

An employee called 911 about 7:30 to report the suspect's activity at the business, 3075 N.E. Highway 99W. The pallets were next to the dealership's main electrical power box. Other flammable materials were in the area.

A fire was never ignited, and the suspect left the scene prior to police and firefighters arriving.

Rogelio Alejandro Solorio, 27, was located on the property of an adjacent business and taken into custody, Scales said. He denied any involvement in the crime despite being shown photographs of himself holding burning material on the Doran property.

He was charged with one felony count of attempt to commit a crime and lodged in the Yamhill County Jail on $10,000 bail.





How far will people like Rogelo Solorio fall before they wake-up?

I first met young Mr. Rogelio Soloriro maybe three years ago. He had just found himself in a rough patch and needed some help. While there were few resources available to him, he was able to parlay what was available and used the words of encouragement offered to better himself. A little later on I again ran into Rogelio and he was flashing a dazzling white smile, dressed like someone doing pretty well, and had an over all positive attitude. This was like a complete reversal from how we was when I first met him. Before he was despondent and now he seemed to have a genuine peace about him.

Rogelio was doing rather well, had a job, and was still seeking to better himself for quite a while and then...

One day Rogelio appeared different. He was red-eyed, moody, and not dressed as nice as had been before. If that was not a good enough warning bell that something was amiss, then the company he kept was a pretty good indicator of what was up even though he would deny it. He was back into drugs and was spiraling out of control. He was becoming more remote and despondent. At one point in all of this the ability to admit to the truth was replaced with an apologetic lie.

Rogelio is not alone, as there are many "Rogelios" in McMinnville and they all need help to one degree or another. The tipping point for this particular Rogelio was that he had lost his job. For others there are probably a lot of reasons and such for falling so. Because of this, I urge the cities of McMinnville and Newberg to invest in programs that are effectual and proven to combat drug addiction and whatever else there is, otherwise we are going to lose more than what we thought we would save by not doing so in the first place.


Hibb- It’s always hard to understand the decisions people make. In my experience, the drug usage often times is an attempt to self medicate deeper mental health issues. Bi polar disorders or schizophrenia are roller coasters that give hope for a stable life when times are good but fall apart rapidly when left untreated. It’s not really a disease that one can wake up from....
I don’t know that mental health is the issue with this man, but thank you for sharing a snapshot of a guy that is slipping through the cracks.....

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