Letters to the editor: April 17, 2020

Use for cars, not bikes

If the lame duck commissioner was as interested in the rights of the people of Yamhill County as he seems to be for the welfare of Ken Wright, this whole rail-to-trail meeting would not be taking place when the public cannot attend. The trail is and has been a waste of taxpayer money.

Do something good for the county and state: abandon it. Instead, because the county already has wasted the money on the right of way, use the section from just south of Carlton to just north of Yamhill and bypass both towns.

With no off-ramps where it crosses either state road, this would limit traffic to local. It would allow Old Highway 47 to be used for the immense number of children just wishing they could ride 2 1/2 miles one way to school on their bicycles.

There still are no published plans for parking or restrooms, fencing to keep farmers’ property and rights safe, or trail cleanup and trash pickup. But what the heck.

Let’s please Ken Wright. He’s so important to the county.

Roy Bowerman

Trailside property owner, Carlton


Call for loosening

I would like to echo Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett’s call for a loosening of the social distancing guidelines.

According to another article in the paper, the real risk of death in Yamhill County, and probably Oregon also, is to be a senior citizen in the wrong care home. That is the main issue that should be the focus of our efforts.

I applaud the general social distancing guidelines, but believe they should be more flexible to allow more low-risk citizen activities to happen immediately. If we are healthy, practice the 6-foot rule, contain our coughs and sneezes, avoid public transportation and maybe even use a mask, why can’t we go to a park, shop or beach?

Many of us are about to lose our homes, businesses and savings from draconian, one-size-fits-all safety measures.

We all learn to live with various levels of risk. How about treating us like adults and letting us make some of these critical decisions ourselves?

Many of our leaders seem to be hiding behind the mantra of science. The fact is, there is no accurate science for this situation.

I have seen the death and infection projections drop at least four times. The process is to make a model prediction, then plug in highly questionable and incomplete data to come up with a number. And that is not true science.

What we are looking at is a black swan event. Read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book of the same name for more details.

I hope that this pandemic situation is a call to greater scientific research, because this may be the new normal for all of us. We must also show compassion and help to those whose loss is great.

May God help us all.

Steven Wozniak



Donors tell story

I am a proud Yamhill County resident of over a decade and a fourth-generation Oregonian.

I shop local, buy directly from local farms, and frequent local farmers’ markets. It is a priority of mine to support local businesses in our county.

I care deeply about what I feed my family. I homeschool my children and advocate strongly for parental rights.

In a recent News-Register, a county commissioner campaign ad for Barbara Boyer caught my attention. In the ad, she mentioned she is a non-affiliated voter who wants to represent all members of the county.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to do your own research, especially in politics. A great way to verify affiliation is to look into campaign donations on file with the Secretary of State’s office.

Boyer’s campaign donations tell a far different story than her ad. Her foundational donors include Commissioner Casey Kulla’s wife, leaders of Yamhill County Democrats and members of Progressive Yamhill.

Many of Boyer’s donors chastised residents of Yamhill County who spoke out against cap-and-trade bills. They ridiculed people who disagreed with increasing taxes on Yamhill County residents and supported taxing our senior citizens here in McMinnville.

Never believe what you see in an ad. Ask difficult questions and do your own research.

I’m extremely concerned about someone making misrepresentations in their advertisements during an election and you should be, too.

Leslie Lucier



Don’t let greed rule

The coronavirus is a wake-up call. We can no longer be complacent about exploiting our world. 

The results of having to curtail our daily lifestyles and reduce our excesses seem very positive.

Britain’s The Guardian notes the notoriously high level of pollution in Delhi, India, a metro area with a population of 20 million, fell into the “good” category after measures were instituted to limit the spread of the virus. That suggests the human population goes about its daily business without thinking of the horrible consequences it is forcing on the planet and itself.

According to the article, everywhere virus restrictions have been imposed has experienced an unprecedented decline in pollution. This means that with thoughtful changes in our everyday lives, such as shopping just once a week and limiting use of cars to truly necessary trips, we could help our planet and ourselves in unforeseen ways.

We all know this.

When we are required to comply, it makes a difference. But we must have the guidance of our government if we are actually to achieve a cleaner, healthier environment.

President Trump recently signed an environmental order repudiating President Obama’s environmental efforts to combat climate change. According to The New York Times, Trump is also in the process of rolling back 95 established environmental rules.

Let’s not allow greed to direct the environmental quality of our planet and our future lives.

Janet De With




Steven - very nice letter.

Leslie - True. Too many people just check boxes without really knowing who they're voting for or why. We all need to be responsible and informed voters.

Janet (aka ...) Now is not the time to gripe about climate change. Lives and jobs are being lost and our economy is a nightmare. These things are far more important and are actually real.

Don Dix

Janet De With -- This virus has little to do with 'exploitation' of the world. Using a common term in the global warming obsession, the virus 'likely' began in the wet markets of Wuhan, China (and under-reported). But your submission 'suggests' CO2 (the global warming villain) and pollution are one in the same. However, the truth is pollution can eventually kill some individuals, but limiting CO2 will kill many (Earth's structure is 'carbon based', including humans).

A few weeks ago, a writer made the claim that the Earth is at it's peak of greening (plants absorb CO2 (food), and expel Oxygen, hence 'greening') -- The fact is, Oregon alone replants 40M trees every year, so that claim is completely bogus, and solely designed as a scare tactic.

And why does it take 'government guidance' to live a cleaner life? Those who are considered considered 'guides' create more pollution across the board than the average consumer, no doubt. And countries such as India or China (and others) are notorious for open latrines, polluted water and land, and rampant swarms of disease for decades (no connection to global warming).

Apparently lost in the confusion and deceit, it's the carbon monoxide, not the carbon dioxide, that is the deadly compound from internal combustion exhausts. Otherwise, those trucks (and drivers) that keep the shelves stocked with necessities for your consumption would be prohibited -- is that the preference?


Mr Wozinack. "I applaud the general social distancing guidelines, but believe they should be more flexible to allow more low-risk citizen activities to happen immediately. If we are healthy, practice the 6-foot rule, contain our coughs and sneezes, avoid public transportation and maybe even use a mask, why can’t we go to a park, shop or beach?"
I agree with you about social distance and being careful. The mask is to protect others from our coughs and sneezes. The problem is without testing we do not know who is healthy and who is not. We do not know if those who have recovered can still spread the virus. We do not know if those with antibodies are truly immune.

The mask does not protect me as it protects others, so when someone who does not wear a mask and walks of next to me, I do not know if they are sick or health, they do not know if they are sick or healthy, even if they feel healthy. They are showing they do not care about me or my health by not wearing that uncomfortable mask.

We will find out as people relax before we have adequate testing if the virus takes hold. Although here in Yamhill County the virus killed folks in a nursing home, we should not forget, even as the very old in nursing homes are at serious risk, this virus has killed many who are not old and not in nursing homes.


Leslie Lucier

Have you looked into Starrett’s “mini me” with glamour shot signs? She filed in September for office and then a month later filed a $495,000 lawsuit against a Fire Chief. She is claiming emotional distress and ptsd (google) Looking into her contributions- the first from Starrett (her address/different name) plus follow her appointments by Mary Starrett just before she ran: budget Committee and YCAP.


Ps. Also owns a Political Consulting Business

Three candidates are running....


We have lived in the County 27 years. Our vote will be for David S Wall: www.yamcowall.com

E.J. Farrar

Leslie Lucier attacked commissioner candidate Barbara Boyer for gaining some support from local progressives.
The reality is that Barbara is a common sense moderate that draws support from all sides: Democrat, Republican and unaffiliated, as well as many local business owners and longtime local leaders. Ken Wright is well known for his enthusiastic support of local Republican candidates, and he is a strong Barbara Boyer supporter, just one of many that are right-leaning or moderates.

Having the ability to see all sides of an issue, and compromise when needed, is a very good thing, especially in these difficult times when we all need to work together.


E.J. Farrar – I support Ms. Boyer and appreciate your post countering the attack on her. I saw nothing “deceptive” in her literature and agree that the ability to consider all sides and compromise is a VERY desirable quality in a candidate. We definitely need a common-sense moderate to represent our county.

Barbara Boyer has my vote.

Re an earlier comment, once again a certain contributor has called someone out for what she judges to be untimely “griping.” Obviously this person feels justified to vent her OWN (frequently non-factual) criticisms while denouncing others for voicing THEIR concerns. When opinions don’t line up with hers they are condemned as “untimely” or invalid, and deserving of a sanctimonious lecture. As noted in a previous post, there is a word for that. (Starts with an “H”)

A New Generation

Kudos to Ms. DeWith for her astute observations re: climate change. I just fininshed watching on YouTube the new Michael Moore produced movie 'Planet of the Humans' and it is very sobering. NOT a feel good movie, FYI. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Zk11vI-7czE


Michael Moore - say no more.

Don Dix

Didn't Michael Moore move to Canada as he threatened if Trump became president? Or was that just 'moore' of his usual bs?


Ken and Karen Wright seem to be treated with a lot of hate and disrespect in these forums. I have known both for over 20 years and they are my friends. Karen works over 75 hours a week giving her time and a large portion of her income for free to teach the kids of all ages the love of sports and team work. Both Ken and Karen have given freely more money and done more for this community than anyone else put together. My advice to them is to stop doing what they are doing unselfishly for Yamhill- Carlton and see who steps up. My bet it will be no one. They are my friends.
Chris S Olson


Actually where I get offended is when you disagree with many of the posters on here and every time call them out for non-FACTS which seems to be your favorite word. You treat everyone as if you are the keeper of the facts and all others are idiots if they don't fall in step with your opinions and "facts". People can disagree and still be nice to each other. Many people on here i.e., Rob, have provided many opinions and links to topics he believes and wants to share. VERY OWN THEIR we get the point.


Hey Finch – your post seems confusing. Would you be inclined to elaborate on this quote from your comment?

“VERY OWN THEIR we get the point.”


No response? No surprise.


I have better things (like a job) to do than spend my time trying to see if there's something you're pissy about. Quite simply they are the capitalized words from your previous post. When you get your feathers ruffled you have the need to capitalize your words to make your supposed points. Happy now?


Finch - Silly me. Why, surely anyone should have been able to decipher your cryptic remark “VERY OWN THEIR we get the point.” that you now assert was a representation of my comment: “…..[she] feels justified to vent her OWN (frequently non-factual) criticisms while denouncing others for voicing THEIR concerns.” Obviously you were just taking poetic license?

How dreadful that you had to waste your valuable time to elaborate on your little word salad. The indignation seems strange though, you have always appeared to relish trying to insult me in the past. And since you are the one who represents herself as feathered, how revealing that you seem to think I am the one who has been “ruffled.” This will no doubt disappoint you but I remain impervious to your nasty illogical sniping. I know you will keep trying though……so when you aren’t too busy I will be amused to have you give it another go.

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