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Lafayette, Dayton offer mutual aid to businesses, residents

The cities of Dayton and Lafayette are offering local residents the opportunity to help themselves while supporting local businesses through utility relief programs.

In Dayton, residents may turn in up to two receipts showing they have spent $25 or more at a local restaurant or business, to obtain a $15 credit on their water and sewer bill. They may use the program up to three times a month, to receive up to $45 off on their utility bills.

To participate, residents should make sure their name, phone number and account number are written on the receipts, and deposit them in the drop box at city hall.

Several restaurants in town are offering takeout and home deliveries, and the city is also encouraging residents to shop at other local businesses online.

In Lafayette, residents who order food worth $20 or more from a local restaurant are eligible for a $10 credit on their utility accounts, and may obtain up to three credits a month, for a total of $30 off per month. Residents may mail in receipts or leave them in the drop box at city hall. They must include the date, name of the restaurant, and the resident’s name, address or utility account number.

Carlton enacted a similar rule, covering all local retail businesses, last week.



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