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Oregon reports 13 new coronavirus cases, total of 88

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Oregon health authorities said Thursday that 13 more people have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. That did not include a third case in Yamhill County, announced by Yamhill County Public Health.

That brings the state's total to 88 cases -- or 89, including the one in Yamhill County. Three people have died in the state.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Thursday in a call with the news media that she doesn't currently plan to issue a statewide order for people to shelter in place to slow the spread of coronavirus.

She said, however, that if Oregonians don't take the social distancing measures seriously, she may have to consider such a step.

Brown has already ordered a six-week statewide school closure, a ban on gatherings of more than 25 people and shutdown of bar and restaurant operations other than takeout and delivery for at least four weeks.

Thousands of people, most in the hospitality industry, have lost their jobs overnight and unemployment claims have soared.

“I am asking Oregonians to comply with the aggressive social distancing measures that we have in place,” Brown said. ”My message to Oregonians is that by complying with these measures, you will save lives and one of those lives could be your own.”

Yamhill County Commissioners declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, allowing the county to waive cumbersome procurement processes as needed, move money more easily between different funds, and access emergency state and federal funds.



Headline should read new not news

Longmire fan

I am inclined to believe this number is not accurate. They won’t test a lot of people (shortage of tests, not high risk) so I’m betting more people would test positive.