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Willamina Council votes for state of emergency

Submitted photo##The Willamina City Council met outside Tuesday afternoon.
Submitted photo##The Willamina City Council met outside Tuesday afternoon.

The Willamina City Council moved a special meeting to Tina Miller Park, next door to city hall, Tuesday afternoon. The council passed a resolution declaring a state of emergency as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

City Manager Kenna West said a telephone conference call between councilors probably would have been conducted had the decision not been made to take the meeting outside.

The park, including tables and benches, was disinfected with a bleach solution before and after the meeting, according to West. Public Works Director Jeff Brown's staff prepared the area.

"It was definitely different for all of us, but given the circumstances, it seemed like the best alternative," she said. "We were fortunate to have good weather."

The declaration states, in part, "COVID-19 requires a significant amount of resources at the local level to keep the public and community informed and as safe as possible from the spread of COVID-19."

It points out that Willamina has "a very large aging-in-place population," which includes those 60 years and older, and who are most susceptible to CVOID-19."

The council also used the meeting to approve sending out a letter to the community via social media.

"Because of our very large population of aging-in-place seniors, we have been very proactive in order to best protect and support our community," West said.

"The letter explains what we are doing to-date, and we will continue to actively seek ways to assist our community in the coming days."


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