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Power outage causes sewage spill

Power blinked out in Carlton during Sunday's windstorm, causing the city wastewater system's pumps to go off and raw sewage to spill into the river.

The system is fixed by 8:30 a.m. Monday, said Bryan Burnham, director of public works. Water in the North Yamhill and Hawn Creek is safe again, he said.

But the city issued a "no contact" order for 48 hours following the spill. And, as required by law, the city notified the Oregon Emergency Management System and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

In addition, Carlton notified the nearest water systems that draw from the Willamette River downriver from the Yamhill -- the City of Wilsonville and the private Viola water system. "When we have a bypass, we have to let them know," Burnham said.


David S. Wall

Not at all acceptable Carlton.

Do you have a back-up generator? If not, buy and install one.

Power-outages are foreseeable and will occur more frequently as residential development continues.

David S. Wall

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